Bill Porter,

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Posted by Derek from GRITZ on July 15, 102 at 16:09:25:

I find myself stunned that I would recomend TV movie, but I am about to do so. Which is amazing because I think networks like the LIfetime Channell and Oxygen are absolutely pathetic in what they try to get across and how they do it. Nevertheless, there is a show that you have to watch. It will be on the TNT network and it is a movie called "Door to Door". I did a radio show for three hours on Sunday night to talk about GRITZ Magazine and bluegrass music in general. It went great but I found myself bummed afterward at the fact that good things are happening with my writing career, yet not so good things are happening at the same time , etc, etc. And I don't know which way the scale will ultimately tip. In other words, I needed a smack upside the back of my head. And then this movie came on late Sunday night and blew me away, and will be shown again this week. The movie is based on this newspaper article below which was first printed in 1995 in the Oregonian Newspaper about one Bill Porter;,

TNT will show it again at the following times; Wednesday, July 17th @ 9pm(ET) Saturday, July 20th @ 1pm(ET) Sunday, July 28th @ 10:15pm(ET) I suggest wednesday night. Today I have been looking around to see if there was any reaction to this movie anywhere and there was. Here is a good place to start to get a lot of info;

Here is one letter written about the movie from that site;

"I was not going to watch 'Door to Door' last night, but for some reason I watched. I have been truly inspired by Mr. Porter's story see I was feeling very sorry for myself. I am so thankful that Mr. Porter allowed his story to be shared. He'll never know the impact that his story has on me. I planned on writing to him in couple of months through your paper. Once again, let him know that he has impacted be greatly in a very positive way. I have been strong all my life and was wondering, "what was the point." I now know that you may impact people and not even know it. A 52 yr old black woman who was about to give up on her dreams." From: Deborah Washington

He also had a profile of him shown on 20/20 that recieved the biggest response of any 20/20 piece in the shows history. I have found the original 20/20 TV piece on Bill Porter online at;, Just hit "Play".

When I think about cats like Bill Porter, and look at Uncle Josh going through what he has gone throuh yet is back playing again, on the "Will The Circle Bu Unbroken III" CD and at the end of this week at the Gibson Showcase in Nashville, and everything else,and Mr. Hartford as well, whatever troubles we have best be put into perspective. Check the movie out and get a slap in the back of the head like I did. You'll enjoy it. Really. Thanks! Derek H

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