Life, Love, and Music

//Life, Love, and Music

Life, Love, and Music


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5 Original RCA LPs – “John Hartford Looks at Life”, “Earthwords and Music”, “The Love Album”, “Housing Project”, and “John Hartford”.

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1. I Reckon
2. Today
3. A Man Smoking A Cigar
4. Untangle Your Mind
5. Like Unto A Mockingbird
6. I Shoulda Wore My Birthday Suit
7. The Tall Tall Grass
8. Front Porch
9. Eve Of My Multiplication
10. When The Sky Began To Fall
11. Corn Cob Blues
12. Minus The Woman
13. Jack’s In The Sack
14. (Good Old Electric) Washing Machine (Circa 1943)
15. Love Song In 2/4 Time
16. Daytime Of Life
17. Whose That
18. There Are No Fools In Heaven (Anyman’s Inferno)
19. Earthwords
20. Gentle On My Mind
21. Naked In Spite Of Myself
22. How Come You’re Being So Good To Me
23. No End Of Love
24. Left Handed Woman
25. Baking Soda
26. Why Do You Do Me Like You Do?
27. The Six O’clock Train And A Girl With Green Eyes
28. Springtime All Over Again
29. Landscape Grown Cold
30. The Eve Of Parting
31. I Would Not Be Here
32. Natural To Be Gone
33. Empty Afternoon Of Summer Longing
34. A Simple Thing As Love
35. Windows
36. Prayer
37. Love Is Sweeter
38. Housing Project
39. I’m Still Here
40. Crystallia Daydream
41. The Girl With The Long Brown Hair
42. I Didn’t Know The World Would Last This Long
43. The Sailboat Song
44. The Category Stomp
45. Go Fall Asleep Now
46. My Face
47. Big Blue Balloon
48. In Like Of
49. Shiny Rails Of Steel
50. Dusty Miller Hornpipe And Fugue In A Major For Strings, Brass And 5-String Banjo
51. I’ve Heard That Tearstained Monologue You Do There By The Door Before You Go
52. The Collector
53. A Short Sentimental Interlude
54. Mr. Jackson’s Got Nothing To Do
55. Open Road Ode
56. Little Piece In D
57. The Poor Old Prurient Interest Blues
58. The Wart
59. Railroad Street
60. Another Short (But Not So Sentimental) Interlude
61. Orphan Of World War Two
62. The Little Old Lonesome Little Circle Song
63. I Didn’t Know The World Would Last This Long

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