The Walls We Bounce Off Of

The Walls We Bounce Off Of


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Re-release of a 1994 classic; John takes a playful and irreverent look at a world that has become too politically correct. John intersperses great songs about Wonder Woman and Flea Market Breakdown with eloquent monologues of his carefree look at life. John’s banjo and fiddle playing are impeccable and bring back great memories.

In stock (can be backordered)




1. More Big Bull Fiddle Fun
2. The Queen of Rock & Roll
3. Can’t Stand to Throw Anything Away
4. Interstate Waltz
5. Flea Market Breakdown
6. Your Tax Dollars at Work
7. When the Dinner Bell Rings
8. I Just Wanna Look in There
9. The All Collision All Explosion Song
10. Fourteen Pole Cat Skins on a Chevy Camaro
11. Sexual Harrassment
12. Wonder Woman
13. Hooter Thunkit

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