Hamilton Ironworks

Hamilton Ironworks


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Hamilton Ironworks
Hamilton Ironworks is one of the most unique and bewitching stringband records in recent memory. While it can be argued that every note that John Hartford plays is a tribute to his stylistic forefathers, so thorough is his knowledge of rural American music. This is his first album entirely devoted to exploring his formative influences and experiences.

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1. Intro
2. Knockin’ at Your Door
3. Woodchopper’s Breakdown
4. Hamilton Ironworks
5. Jawbone
6. Politic
7. Wooliver’s Money Musk
8. Ragtime Dream
9. Quail is a Pretty Bird
10. Emminence Breakdown
11. Ragged Bill
12. Hi Dad in the Morning
13. Black River
14. Green Corn
15. Devil’s Hornpipe
16. Wolves A Howlin’
17. Fiddler’s Hornpipe
18. White River
19. Greenback Dollar
20. Comin’ Down from Denver on a Trip to Galway Here and There
21. Chicken Oh Chicken
22. Goforth’s Dusty Miller
23. Turkey Buzzard

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