Steam Powered Aereo-Takes

Steam Powered Aereo-Takes


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Re-release of Steam Powered Aereo-Takes
John Hartford’s Aereoplain Band taught a generation of acoustic musicians that tradition is not something you blindly obey: it’s fuel for a longer voyage. This disk presents outtakes from the legendary session that produced the 1971 classic Aereo-Plain.

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* indicates previously unreleased material
1. Where the Old Red River Flows
2. Ruff and Ready
3. Blame It On Joann
4. The Vamp from Back in the Goddle Days
5. Emanuel Cant
6. Bad Music (Is Better Than No Music At All)
7. Dig a Hole
8. Presbyterian Guitar
9. Strange Old Man
10. Lady Jane
11. Oasis
12. Because of You
13. Morning Bugle
14. John Henry
15. Doin’ My Time
16. Keep On Truckin’
17. Don’t Ever Take Your Eyes Off the Game, Babe
18. Howard Hughes Blues

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