The Love Album

  1. Why Do You Do Me Like You Do?
  2. The Six O’Clock Train And A Girl With Green Eyes
  3. Springtime All Over Again
  4. Landscape Grown Cold
  5. This Eve Of Parting
  6. I Would Not Be Here
  7. Natural To Be Gone
  8. Empty Afternoon Of Summer Longing
  9. A Simple Thing As Love
  10. Windows
  11. Prayer
  12. Love Is Sweeter

Housing Project

  1. Housing Project
  2. I’m Still Here
  3. Crystallia Daydream
  4. The Girl With The Long Brown Hair
  5. I Didn’t Know The World Would Last This Long
  6. The Sailboat Song
  7. The Category Stomp
  8. Go Fall Asleep Now
  9. My Face
  10. Big Blue Balloon
  11. In Like Of
  12. Shiny Rails Of Steel

BMG; 2002