Memories Of John

Three Forks Of Sandy M.I.S.I.P. Love Grown Cold Madison Tennessee Delta Queen Waltz For John Homer The Roamer Bring Your Clothes Back Home Half Past Four Lorena You Don't Notice Me Ignoring You The Girl I Left Behind Me She's Gone (And Bob's Gone With Her) Royal Box Waltz Fade Out Red Clay/Compass; 2010

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John Hartford, Iron Mountain Depot, and Radio John (3 albums on 2 CD’s)

CD 1 -- John Hartford Dusty Miller Hornpipe And Fugue In A Major For Strings, Brass And 5-String Banjo I've Heard That Tearstained Monologue You Do There By The Door Before You Go The Collector A Short Sentimental Interlude Mr. Jackson's Got Nothing To Do Open Rode Ode Little Piece In D The Poor Old [...]

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Hamilton Ironworks

Intro Knockin' At Your Door Woodchopper's Breakdown Hamilton Ironworks Jawbone Politic Wooliver's Money Musk Ragtime Dream Quail Is A Pretty Bird Emminence Breakdown Ragged Bill Hi Dad In The Morning Black River Green Corn Devil's Hornpipe Wolves A Howlin' Fiddler's Hornpipe White River Greenback Dollar Comin' Down From Denver On A Trip To Galway Here [...]

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