Nobody Knows What You Do (CD Re-issue)

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  1. You Don’t Have To Do That
  2. Didn’t Want To Be Forgotton
  3. In Tall Buildings
  4. John McLaughlin
  5. Granny Wontcha Smoke Some Marijuana
  6. The False Hearted Tenor Waltz
  7. Get No Better*
  8. Down
  9. The Golden Globe Award
  10. Sly Feel
  11. Somewhere My Love – We’ll Meet Again Sweetheart
  12. Nobody Knows What You Do

*This is the CD re-issue of this album; it has a slightly different cover design. ¬†Also, the song “Joseph’s Dream” from the LP was¬†replaced by “Get No Better”, but was not changed in the song listing. Nobody knows why…

Flying Fish; 1976

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