• Re-release of a 1994 classic; John takes a playful and irreverent look at a world that has become too politically correct. John intersperses great songs about Wonder Woman and Flea Market Breakdown with eloquent monologues of his carefree look at life. John's banjo and fiddle playing are impeccable and bring back great memories.
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    Bob Carlin and John Hartford
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    Re-release of Steam Powered Aereo-Takes John Hartford's Aereoplain Band taught a generation of acoustic musicians that tradition is not something you blindly obey: it's fuel for a longer voyage. This disk presents outtakes from the legendary session that produced the 1971 classic Aereo-Plain.
  • Jamie Hartford & Friends This tribute album by John Hartford's son, Jamie, is packed with world-class musicians, many of them having performed with John. With outstanding production, much of this album was recorded in one take. Definitely a worthwhile addition for any John Hartford fan.
  • Collaboration between Texas Shorty and John Hartford.  Two masters on the fiddle who smoothly play through a repertoire of songs passed down from their musical heroes.
  • John Hartford was an advisor and contributor to this 2002 Grammy Award-winning soundtrack. 10th Anniversary 2-CD Set. Various artists.
  • The Hartford Stringband is back together again and playing some old favorites, including three new posthumous releases with John. Special guests include Tim O'Brien, Bela Fleck, Alison Brown, Alan O'Bryant, George Buckner and Eileen Carson Schatz.
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    Re-release; sometimes referred to as "A John Hartford Anthology", this album contains 18 essential songs to John's legacy, presented in 60+ minutes of music.
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    1977 Grammy Award-Winning Album!
  • Why is this album titled "Live at College Station" (as in Texas), rather than "State College" (as in Pennsylvania)...?  Beats us.  Either way, one snowy evening in 1996, John stepped up to the mike and hit this one out of the park.
  • John Hartford’s Mammoth Collection of Fiddle Tunes is a sizable anthology containing 176 of his original compositions. Most of these tunes are previously unpublished and unrecorded, taken from Hartford’s personal music journals. Compiled and narrated by fiddler Matt Combs, John’s daughter Katie Harford Hogue, and musicologist Greg Reish, the book sheds light on Hartford’s creative process through original tune compositions, his own reflections on the fiddle, and interviews with family and fellow musicians, including Marty Stuart, Sam Bush, Norman & Nancy Blake, and Mike Compton. The book includes 60+ of John’s personal drawings—ranging in theme from steamboats and the river, to fellow musicians, home and everyday life—as well as several never before seen photographs. The cover artwork is masterfully drawn by St. Louis artist and John’s personal friend, Dan Martin. 176 pgs./Hardcover StuffWorks Press, Inc./an imprint of John Hartford Enterprises


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