Track Listing

  1.   Tennessee Politics
  2.   Calhoun County
  3.   Old Beveled Mirror 
  4.   Running Board Waltz
  5.   Little Country Town
  6.   Don Brown And The Boys
  7.   John Rice
  8.   On Guitars, The Ends Of New Fingers Get Sore
  9.   Long White Road
  10.   The Old Man’s Drunk
  11.   Heartache What To Do
  12.   How Can We Love
  13.   Just Enough Room To Turn Around
  14.   Every Hour On The Hour
  15.   The Half-Price Hornpipe
  16.   Over At The Side Of The Road
  17.   Evening Farewell


Produced by Hartford-protege’ Matt Combs, with Katie Harford Hogue as executive producer, this album features music from Hartford’s personal composition journals, interpreted through the lens of some of today’s most beloved acoustic musicians. With everything from driving full-band arrangements to sentimental duets and parlor waltzes, the song treatments will appeal to both traditional and progressive music listeners. Hints of bluegrass, old-time, folk, country, and even classical music styles come through and emphasize the versatility and timelessness of John’s writing.

The cover photo, by photographer Charles Seton, comes from a mid-1970s appearance at the Amazingrace coffeehouse in Evanston, Illinois.

Artists performing on the album: Matt Combs, Brittany Haas, Tim O’Brien, Megan Lynch Chowning, Kate Lee O’Connor, Forrest O’Connor, Sierra Hull, Mike Compton, Tristan Scroggins, Ronnie McCoury, Dominick Leslie, Jan Fabricius, Alison Brown, Shad Cobb, Noam Pikelny, Chris Eldridge, Chris Sharp, Jordan Tice, Mark Howard, Rachel Combs, Paul Kowert, Dennis Crouch, Mike Bub, Kristin Andreassen