Wild Hog In The Red Brush

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  1. Squirrel Hunters
  2. Birdie
  3. Grandmammy Look At Uncle Sam
  4. Old Virginia Reel
  5. Flannery’s Dream
  6. Down At The Mouth Of Old Stinson
  7. The Girl With The Blue Dress On
  8. Wild Hog In The Red Brush
  9. Over The Road To Maysville
  10. Bumble Bee In A Jug
  11. Bostony
  12. Shelvin’ Rock
  13. Molly Put The Kettle On
  14. West Fork Gals
  15. Portsmouth Airs
  16. Coquette
  17. Jimmy In The Swamp
  18. Lady Of The Lake
  19. Natchez Under The Hill

Rounder; 1996

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